Bulletin Announcements

An item you could include in your Sunday Bulletin.  Cut and paste to submit to your bulletin editor.  January 2019.

Update on Faith Partners for Housing

___________________ has been an active supporter of Faith Partners for Housing, a coalition of churches working to mobilize the faith community around affordable housing issues in Clark Co. In the last 18 months FP4H has given twenty presentations to help congregations understand core causes of homelessness and to ask churches to get involved.  FP4H gives the faith community a voice on the allocation of federal housing funds coming into Vancouver.  FP4H is also in the process of talking with Metro HomeShare of Portland to determine if their home sharing program can be expanded into Clark County.  If completed, this program will help seniors stay in their homes and provide housing to people struggling to make rent payments.  For the sake of safety there are background checks and the “matches” are self-selected by the home provider and the renter.   Find out more at xxx.