Landlords Can Help

Several local agencies have programs to support landlords who want to rent to a struggling family. These programs include:

  • Screening and background checks of prospective tenants.
  • Rent subsidy which guarantees landlord receives a payment each month.
  • Rent Well, a tenant education class that teaches participants to become model tenants.
  • Case manager helping the household achieve self-sufficiency. The case manager provides support for both the landlord and the tenant.
  • Emergency case manager phone line available to landlord 24/7. Case managers will go out immediately if something should go wrong.
  • Monthly maintenance check to ensure property is taken care of.

Tenants typically are coming out of shelter or participating in a program to help them become self-sufficient.  The landlord can participate with one unit or multiple units.

Share ASPIRE: Dee Sanders, Share ASPIRE Director Email: Phone: 1 (360) 952-8214
Tom Breitenbauch Assistant Housing Director (360) 952-8201

Second Step Housing: Ryan Macheras, 360 721-5246  or call the main office number for general questions, 360-993-5301.

Other organizations which have similar programs:

Prospective landlords would need to call the organization to find out more. If you would prefer to start by talking to a member of Faith Partners for Housing, see Kathy Iberle or Denny Smith on our Contact page.