Land and Buildings

Would you like to see your land or building become affordable housing?

Both individuals and congregations can help grow the supply of affordable housing in our community.  We’d be happy to help you explore your options.

You probably have far more options than you think.  For instance, you don’t have to donate your land.  Nonprofits can buy land – it just takes time.  You can choose from projects already planned or you can be involved in shaping the goals of a new project.

We can help individuals and congregations connect with the people in Clark County who can achieve your visions for your land or building.  We work with local nonprofits who use traditional affordable housing funding, and with the Housing Initiative LLC, a new subsidiary of the Council for the Homeless.  The Housing Initiative LLC specializes in using mission-driven equity and lending partners to create below-market housing in creative ways.

If you want to know more, Mark Maggiora from our group would be happy to talk with you.  See Contact Us page for contact information.