About Us

Faith Partners for Housing 2018 Annual Report

Faith Partners for Housing came together in 2016, motivated by experiences working as volunteers in our local shelters and with people on the edge of homelessness.  Vancouver’s first highly visible tent city shocked many in our faith communities.  This is not what our community should be like.   We want to live in a community where all workers can afford a safe and decent home for their families. We want to live in a community where seniors need not worry about becoming homeless.  We want to live in a community that cares for those with disabilities, both physical and mental.  We want to live in a community where the most vulnerable need not live in tents.

We can make this happen. It’s our community.

The mission of Faith Partners for Housing is to connect people who have resources – land, buildings, homes, expertise – with organizations who can effectively transform those resources into housing affordable for low-income families, singles, and seniors.

We are a grassroots organization of individuals from various faith-based communities and other organizations.

Faith-based communities and other organizations with one or more people regularly attending meetings:

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
Bethel-Highland Lutheran Church
Fircrest Neighborhood Association
First Presbyterian Church
Friends of the Carpenter
Immanuel Lutheran Church
Memorial Lutheran Church
Orchards United Methodist Church
Outsiders Inn
St. Andrew Lutheran Church
St. Luke Episcopal Church
St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church
St. Joseph Catholic Church
St. Paul Lutheran Church
St. Thomas Catholic Church, Camas
St. Vincent de Paul, St. John the Evangelist Conference

Faith Partners for Housing is open to and welcomes all faith groups.  Contact us at affordablehousing465@aol.com for upcoming meeting dates or see What’s New.