Our Mission

Our mission is to expand affordable housing in Clark County, Washington by mobilizing faith-based resources.  We are a coalition of faith-based communities and individuals, open to all faith traditions.

We want to live in a community where all workers can afford a safe and decent home for their families, a community where seniors know they have a place to live, a community where the most vulnerable among us need not live in tents.

We can make this happen. It’s our community.

The role of Faith Partners for Housing is to connect people who have resources – land, buildings, homes, expertise – with organizations who can effectively transform those resources into housing affordable for low-income families, singles, and seniors.

What are we doing?

Interested in joining us?  We meet on the third Wednesday of every month, 10 to noon.  Email Denny Scott at affordablehousing465@aol.com or call him at 360-896-5329 for the location.

Want to see the latest slide presentation?  It’s here.